Without sounding too alarmist, it would not be unfair to point out the world has become a more dangerous place over the past few years.  The threat from terrorism, organized crime and occasionally civil disturbance has made people aware of the need for more security.People expect the government to provide security and protection, but governments cannot provide security guard services and bodyguards for everyone. There are many individuals who have the responsibility to provide safety for people in their care.

And if you are one of these individuals you should be hiring the services of a top security services company.

If you are a CEO, a landlord or the organiser of events and are charged with the security of people, you know how important their safety is.

The people in your care must not only be safe, they must feel safe. They want peace of mind and not have worry about their security.

And you can provide them with this by offering them the reassuring presence of security guards.

The sight of a smartly uniformed guard, radiating authority, will let people know you treat their safety as a top priority.

However, it is important the security guard services you hire will provide operatives that are well-trained professionals.

Parker Consulting Group is able to provide you with the very best security guard services; our security guards are courteous, smart in appearance and professionally trained to handle any type of emergency. They are professionally licensed and trained as Fire Safety Directors and Emergency Action Plan Directors. Among their duties as Fire Safety Directors is to alert occupants of fires, arrange evacuation in the case of fires and liaise with the fire department in all aspects of safety. As Emergency Action Plan Directors they are trained to respond to emergencies that include biological, chemical and radiological incidents, bomb scares, explosions and other emergencies.

The guards we provide you will not only protect people but your property as well. Uniformed concierges at the front entrance of an apartment block or the reception of an office block will deter any individual thinking of gaining an illegal entry to cause trouble or damage.

A uniformed security guard at the entrance of a club politely checking people going in will also deter troublemakers. Having uniformed personnel providing a visible presence is one of the best ways to protect your property and the people in your care.

However, there are times when your clients may need their security to be invisible and blend into the background; not uniformed guards, but plain clothed bodyguards. Parker Consulting Group is able to provide you with highly trained personnel who will stay just close enough to offer your clients close protection without intruding on their occasion. Unlike security guards, our bodyguards do not wear uniforms and offer close protection to your clients who value their privacy even when they are attending a public event or an event where members of the public may gain access. Your clients may be celebrities, high powered businessmen and women, high ranking government officials or private individuals who just want to feel safe and secure. Our bodyguard’s job is to gently deter any unknown member of the public getting to close to them, or in extreme cases, act swiftly and positively to ensure their safety. Whatever type of security guard services your clients require, whether it is uniformed guards or plain clothes bodyguards, we at Parker Consulting will be able to provide it.

To discover more about our organization and the security services we can offer you, contact us today by using the form on our contact page.

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